The Perfect Antidote For a Nasty Case of Twitchy Green Thumb

The Perfect Antidote For a Nasty Case of Twitchy Green Thumb
A texas chicken

It’s true! Everything is bigger in Texas

We (my book, Permaculture for the Rest of Us, and I ) just got back from the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas. Wow! I had no idea idea what an amazing experience that would be. Thousands of people travel, often from quite a distance, to take in these two day events… and for good reason. And what people! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, so much so, that I’d say “Take a trip to Texas if your faith in humanity starts to feel a little shaky.” And yes, more good news, Permaculture is alive and very welcomed 🙂

Mother Earth News ( does an incredible job organizing these yearly events and there are still more book for this year. Well worth the effort to attend one.

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of extra days exploring the Austin area.

At the Lady Bird Johnson ( Wild Flower Center we met a man sitting in the middle of a field pulling out weeds from around the wild blue bonnets. Apparently these brilliant blue flowers, which look a lot like stunted lupines, are a most welcomed sign of Spring. He directed us to the Continental Club, downtown Austin, where we heard some of the coolest jazz we’d heard in a long while. This flexible performance was known as Church on Monday. I know I felt blessed!

inside Springdale farm store

Springdale urban farm store opens twice a week and supplies gourmet restaurants and food stamp recipients and everyone in between

Also had the opportunity to visit a couple of urban farms. One supplied several restaurants and hosted a gourmet food truck while also being part of a food stamp program which allowed for the less fortunate to eat well, as well. I really admired this interpretation of the less often mentioned Permaculture ethic: Equitable or fair share.

Community leaf dump

The local community is invited to dump there leaves here






Veggietables growing in field

How much food can you grow on a five acre urban lot? Lots! At Boggy Creek Farm



Urban farmers Texas style

Urban farmers at Boggy Creek Farm, Austin Texas

Unfortunately, while drooling over the rows of lush veggies at the farms I picked up a nasty case of Twitchy Green Thumb… not always an easy thing to cure at this time of year, but fortunately help is coming soon. Very soon in fact.

Would you believe tomorrow, Saturday, February 26th. It’s Seedy Saturday in Truro. Where? St Andrew’s United Church, 55, King Street When? from 10.00 – 2.00

This laid back family oriented event is a great opportunity to mingle, pick up some ideas, as well as some seeds and yes, an effective salve for your own Twitchy Green Thumb.

I will be there with Permaculture for the Rest of Us. Hope to meet you and perhaps chat about all thing green and beautiful 🙂

Shows a poster for Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday happens tomorrow!


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