Rainy Days/Happy places


Drum roll . . . TaDah! Now presenting the new Quackadoodle logo.

Quackadoodle \logo

The QuackaDoodle Farm Logo ~ everyone wanted to get in on the act

Yes,  I know, it’s kinda’ hokey but at least it doesn’t give any false impressions. In truth I was purposely aiming for something with that inimitable ‘hand-drawn’ look because slick and perfect is so not us. We’re a farm, for heaven’s sake and  a very muddy one at that, after what seems like a month (although it’s actually more like week) of rain.

Le Roi insists the 'mural' doesn't do him justice
Le Roi insists the ‘mural’ doesn’t do him justice

We did have one sunny day, (can’t quite remember when) and I was able to take a picture of Le Roi, pronounced Lee Roy, strutting  his stuff in the chicken tractor he calls home. He’s a Leghorn and when the sun hits his feathers at just the right angle his colours truly are magnificent . . . and he knows it. What attitude!


a.) A chicken tractor is a piece of farm equipment that is pulled by several chickens wearing specially designed harnesses.

b.) A chicken tractor is a moveable chicken coop, complete with its own fenced-in run.

If you picked b. you might agree that chicken tractors are great for housing a small flock and getting the garden beds fluffed up, de-bugged and fertilized by a crew of diligent ditch diggers who’ll work for chicken feed. And they’ll provide breakfast.

My Happy Place


I was sitting by the goat shed having my hair chewed on by now not-so-baby Stanley when I realized that I was in my perfectly, in fact supremely, happy place. This got me thinking about what it takes to be happy and if there is a correlation between simplicity and happiness. I really do believe there is and that as a society the further we removed ourselves from the natural world, the less contented we become. 

The garden centres around these parts (Nova Scotia) are warning their clients not to plant out any frost sensitive plants as it’s just too darn’ cold! Frost warnings in the middle of May, no less.My spinach, tatsoi and other hardy greens are peeking up out of the ground and we’re anticipated this year’s first feed of rhubarb any day soon but generally I believe most things in the garden are quite a ways behind the norm.

pickled eggs in jars

Pickled Eggs – ready for market

The eggs however just keep coming and coming. I have been pickling some for sale in our wonderful general store which sells just about everything from djembes to live bait, blown glass, cedar mulch, skeins of wool, silver jewelry and yes, pickled eggs. Theresa and Heather’s Country Store is the hub of our community, proof positive that it pays to shop local and well worth a visit, if only for an ice cream or a copy of my children’s book Gully Goes To Halifax.


Who lays white eggs?

Chickens with white ears. Only chickens with red ears lay brown eggs.

(It took me a while to believe this was not a joke but is in fact true)

When hard boiling eggs, why do some peel so much easier and ‘cleaner’ than others?

The fresher the egg the more difficult it is to peel. Commercially produced eggs will usually peel more easily because they are older. The inside of an egg shrinks away from the shell as it ages and therefore the shell peels away cleanly. Dipping the egg in icy cold water while peeling also helps.

And who’s too cute not to have the last word?

baby goat running


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